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Our Story


Hello, World!


I’m Pree - inventor of Nailbot. Some time ago, I had a "big idea" - an at home smart device (“Nailbot”)  that could decorate nails from your phone in 5 seconds and power creative expression.


That big idea took time, patience and an army of supporters to build. We faced significant obstacles through prototyping, fundraising and production. What kept us going was watching the positive reaction of people using Nailbot. To us, Nailbot is a seriously fun way to express oneself. You can print cool art in 5 seconds! And if you don’t like the print, you can easily change it up with a simple alcohol wipe swipe and try again.


During our journey bringing Nailbot to life, creators in our community have learned digital design to make awesome nail art and built early versions of our prototypes through our Arduino based printer hacker kits. Our long term perspective is that Preemadonna embodies smart beauty in both our products (Nailbot) and our community - who are co-creators with us.


We’ve spotted our Nailbots being used by people of many ages, in homes, at schools, at slumber parties, troop meetings, before football games for the ultimate fanicure. We love seeing where people use their Nailbot and what they print.


Our community is the heart of our company and we want YOU to join our journey.  Let’s do this together!