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Meet Nailbot - your personal nail art printer & creativity machine

Print nail art & photos in 5 secondsūüíÖ

Designed for gifting, home & partiesūüéĀ

Thousands of designs availableūüé®


What is Nailbot?

Nailbot printer is a a smart nail art machine. Nailbot works with an easy-to-use app to help you design, personalize, & PRINT anything ‚ÄĒ your art, thousands of free designs & photos ‚ÄĒ on fingernails or press ons.

How Nailbot Works - Easy as 1-2-3

1. Prep

Prep nails with a light colored polish or press ons. Then use our fast drying primer.

2. Pick Your Art

Design art, pull from your camera roll or pick from thousands of free images

3. Print

Put your finger in the cradle. Tap print Mani magic will appear in 5 secs. Prints dry instantly. Seal with a top coat.

The BEST Nail Art Hack

‚úÖPrints Dry Instantly to the Touch
‚úÖNo LED or UV Dryer Needed
‚úÖRemove Prints with Alcohol Pad
‚úÖPrints Last for Days
‚úÖUse with your Fav Polishes & Top Coats

Exclusive Pre-Order:

$149.99 $299.99 MSRP

Nailbot 2.0 prints instant nail art and photos on your fingernails.
Nailbot is family-friendly, easy to use out of the box & serious fun!
Everything you need to get started is in the Nailbot Kit.
You supply your smartphone.

Print Resolution ‚Čą 600 DPI|
Pairs via Bluetooth Low Energy|
Prints in One Pass|
Works with most iOS & Android Phones. iPhone 7 and above is required for compatibility|
Nailbot Cartridge is a tri-color & contains ‚Čą 15.8 mL ink which lasts for ‚Čą2000 prints if used regularly & stored properly|
Nailbot Polishes and Primer each contain 15 mL|
1 Year Limited Hardware

Quick & Easy Set Up

Family Friendly & Great for Parties

5-10 minutes for Set Up and Prep

Help Desk & Personalized Video Support

You Supply the Phone


Nailbot Reviews

I actually printed designs from my phone onto my nails in seconds!ūüíÖūüŹľ‚ú® I've washed dishes, cleaned my place and had my nail polish chip but my preemadonna designs remain unscathed!

Tiffany, Nail Enthusiast

Exciting Times! You're looking at one of the very first Nailbot printers by preemadonna. Scarlett and Callie along with their friend Haddie had so much fun printing custom designs on thier nails. So proud of Pree Walia and her team for bringing this product to life.

Brad H., Giveaway Winner

I backed up this project 6 years ago not knowing what the future holds for the campaign. All I knew was I wanted to support women in STEM. ūüôā I was so excited when I got the tracking notification for the shipment. ūü§ó This was my first time using the nailbot out of the box. Pretty neat nail art printing machine. Can't wait to try out other nail art designs. ūüėä
My nails are ready for the new year! ūüéČūüéÜ

Connie T., Indiegogo Crowdfunding Backer

Just wanted to share we opened the Nailbot this morning for Christmas and love it! So easy to put together and started painting immediately! Thank you so much, this was worth the wait!

Peter, Kickstarter Backer

I am shocked that no one has invented this before this moment.

It's a nail art robot.

Think of it as a "cricut machine and nail art."

Kaliana, Brand Ambassador

My daughter opened and set up the Nailbot this morning as one of her Christmas presents. Wow, it was up and running so fast. It is her FAVORITE gift. I even put a robot image on one of my nails. Did I mention my daughter is 19 years old…and is so excited to bring her Nailbot back to college!

Matthew, Kickstarter Backer

Nailbot's Making News & Winning Awards

Spark Your Creativity

ūüĖĆÔłŹ Make Your Own Nail Art that Represents You
ūüĒé Pick from Thousands of FREE Designs
ūüď∑ Print Your Photos & Art
ūüé® Free Digital Nail Artist Tutorials
ūüíÖ Family Friendly & Party Fun

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Nailbot 101

What Comes in the Starter Kit?

The Nailbot Kit comes with everything you need to get printing. You need to supply your iPhone or Android based smartphone and download the Nailbot mobile application. The Kit contains:

Nailbot Printer

Phone Cradle

Power Supply

Ink Cartridge

Accessory Bag

Canvas White Polish


Top Coat

Sticker Pack

How Fast is the Set Up?

First time set up should take between 5-10 minutes from initial unboxing to printing. We've had users set up the entire experience in under 3 minutes!

Where can I download the Nailbot mobile apps?

iOS - The Nailbot App is available on the App Store. It supports iPhones using iOS 12.3 or later (iPhone 7 and above). For faster reference and download of the Nailbot App onto your iPhone device, please use the following link:


Android - The Nailbot App is now also available on the Google Play Store. It supports Androids running Android 7 or later. If you cannot easily find the Nailbot App on the Google Play Store, please use the following link to download the Nailbot App onto our Android device. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pree.nailbot

Can I Cancel My Order?

If you change your mind after placing a pre-order you can cancel and refund your order at any time before your unit ships. Simply message us or email contact@preemadonna.com and request a refund. Include your confirmation number and the email address used to place the order.

Will Nailbot Work on other types of Nail Polish, Gel Nails or Press On Nails?

For optimal printing results, we recommend using our Canvas Polish with your initial Nailbot set up.

Other Non-Gel & Gel Polishes: Nailbot should work with most other light colored nail polishes, both gel and non gel. On rare occasion, the top coats of gel polishes cause some peeling with our system but it varies by application. You still need to use our Primer on top of your polish before printing. You will also need to use a Top Coat to seal the print.

Press On Nails: Nailbot will print on Press On Nails if you prime the press on with our primer before printing. Use a light colored press on nail, prime the press on with our matte Primer and then print. Seal the print with our Top Coat.

Our Team Spills the Tea

Elise & Family, Beta Testers

I love that it is a fast, easy, and creative way to print nail art on your nails. My sisters, mom and I all use Nailbot. I also love learning about start-ups and new products, and being a part of a community.

Aditi, Teen Council

I loved how easy Nailbot was to setup. The instructions were very clear had great pictures for us to follow along. I loved the packaging: the nail polishes are gorgeous, the stickers are an extra bonus and the doodles on the boxes are so fun.

Claire, Community Manager

I can see the Nailbot being so versatile when it comes to nail decorating. I've used stickers in the past and this is so much more effective, easy, & personable!


‚ú®Watch our creators express themselves through nail art ūüé®

Sarah Sun Drops

ūüĆącolorful fashion + happy lifestyle



The Polished-Up Baker

Just your neighborhood gay bakerūüĆą, with an obsession for cupcakes ūüßĀ & polish ūüíÖūüŹľ