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$199.99 $299.99 MSRP

Nailbot prints instant nail art and photos on your fingernails. Nailbot is family-friendly, easy to use out of the box & serious fun! Everything you need to get started is in the Nailbot Kit.
You supply your smartphone.

Print Resolution ≈ 600 DPI |
Pairs via Bluetooth Low Energy |
Prints in One Pass |
Works with most iOS & Android Phones. iPhone 7 and above is required for compatibility |
Nailbot Cartridge is a tri-color & contains ≈ 15.8 mL ink which lasts for ≈2000 prints if used regularly & stored properly |
Nailbot Polishes and Primer each contain 15 mL |
1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Inside the Kit

Nailbot Printer + Phone Cradle

Power Supply

Ink Cartridge

Accessory Bag

Canvas Polish

Nailbot Primer

Seal the Deal Top Coat

Alcohol Wipes

Nailbot's as easy as 1-2-3!


Use your favorite light colored polishes.


Pick your designs or your favorite photos.


Nailbot prints in one pass in 5 seconds, and the print dries instantly!

Nailbot Features

Pairs via Bluetooth

Choose from thousands of designs

Ink Cartridge lasts for 2,000 prints

Works with iPhones & Androids

Prints in ONE pass in 5 secs

Nailbot's Got the Buzz


This Robot Can Turn Any Photo on Your Phone Into Nail Art


Could A Nail Art Printer Be Girls’ Gateway To The Tech World?


Preemadonna Turns Your Smartphone Into a Nail Salon.

The Nailbot App

Try on digital nail art
Make your own art
Create playlists of your favorite art
Print art & photos instantly

The Basics 👇

How Much is Nailbot?

The Nailbot kit MSRP is $299.99 - Follow us on social media (IG & TikTok) and be on the lookout for special promo codes from your favorite creators. It includes everything you need to get printing including the bot hardware, power supply, phone cradle, ink cartridge, sticker pack, nail consumables (Canvas Polish, Primer, Top Coat), alcohol wipes and instruction manual. You download the Nailbot mobile app on your iOS or Android phone and you are set!

How long do the prints last?

The prints can last 3-5 days if you seal them in with a top coat. Typically the polish chips first. But since it’s so easy to print - we hope you try on lots of new nail art looks.

How Easy is the Set UP?

First time set up should take between 5-10 minutes from initial unboxing to printing. We've had users set up the entire experience in under 3 minutes!

When will Nailbot be delivered if I Order?

All orders placed before April 27, 2023 have shipped! New Nailbot Kit Orders will ship in Fall 2023. All customers will be notified once their order ships and receive tracking information. If you need to update your shipping address after your pre-order is placed, please email  Replacement consumables (Nailbot Ink Cartridge and Nailbot Nail Care Accessory Kit) are available for immediate shipment.

Does Nailbot work on other Brand's Nail Polishes, Gel Nail or Press On NAILS?

For optimal printing results, we recommend using our Canvas Polish with your initial Nailbot set up.
Other Non-Gel & Gel Polishes: Nailbot should work with most other light colored nail polishes, both gel and non gel. On rare occasion, the top coats of gel polishes cause some peeling with our system but it varies by application. You still need to use our Primer on top of your polish before printing. You will also need to use a Top Coat to seal the print.
Press On Nails: Nailbot will print on Press On Nails if you prime the press on with our primer before printing. Use a light colored press on nail, prime the press on with our matte Primer and then print. Seal the print with our Top Coat.