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Meet Tatum - Our Social Media Intern

Meet Tatum - Our Social Media Intern

Hi! I’m Tatum Loseke, I’m 16 and a Preemadonna Social Media intern. I am from a small beach town in Southern California called Solana Beach. I am a junior at Torrey Pines High School and am so excited to join the Preemadonna team as an intern this summer. I come from a dog-loving family - we have two: one is a 10-year old poodle mix and the other is a 16-year old terrier mix! I love the beach and pretty much any outside activity that I can do with friends. I also have a job at a local pizza restaurant and love the experiences that every shift brings me. I love Socal because of the weather and I try to be at the beach as much as possible, as those memories tend to be my personal favorites. Going into my senior year I am so excited to get hands-on business experience to prepare me for college and the career path I hope to follow. Being able to gain experience at a woman-founded company is so important to me and I am so excited to be a part of their growing social media presence. 

I play field hockey and run track for my school and I love to do both. I love to exercise and be outside and being able to do it with my friends is a huge bonus. I am also the co-president of a club at my school that works with a female-owned period positivity company, Dotstash, that works to reduce the stigma around menstruation and bring free, high-quality products to schools. I’ve loved being able to see change happen and be part of that positive change at my school and other schools in the area. I am very much an extrovert and social relationships are crucial to me. I am currently in a crafts phase and am learning to crochet and sew! I love fashion and self-expression through clothes, and I am always out thrifting or shopping for new and exciting pieces to add to my closet. I am a music fanatic and look forward to attending Coachella each year and any other musical performances. A few of my favorite artists are Drake, Fred Again…, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Tame Impala, and so many more. 

My family is so important to me and they are my biggest role models. My mom immigrated with her family from South Africa in the ‘80s and seeing her become so successful in her career has inspired me. I value family to an almost indescribable extent and am so lucky to have my mom as a role model and as an incredible cook. Both of my parents are extremely driven and being able to have them as examples for me makes me feel so lucky. I am so excited to be working with Preemadonna and to gain behind-the-scenes insight into how a young business grows. The Nailbot has incredible technology and the product itself is incredible. I am so excited to be able to help to grow the outreach of Preemadonna and cater to new audiences on various social media platforms. The nail industry is constantly evolving and the addition of incredible technology like the Nailbot will only inspire more innovation.