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Preemadonna visits Girl Scouts San Diego

Preemadonna visits Girl Scouts San Diego

Our CEO and founder Pree Walia was invited by Girl Scouts San Diego to be a key speaker at  their Empowering Me Older Girls Conference, a one-day conference centered around educating young women around four Girl Scout pillars: STEM, Entrepreneurship, Outdoors, and Life Skills. Pree was a Girl Scouts herself growing up so she was excited to be able to give back. 

We spent the day speaking to young women between the ages of 11-18 about everything Nailbot and how Pree brought her big Idea about a nail printing robot machine to market. We educated the girls on how to pitch an idea, how to find funding and about the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial journey. We showed the progression of the Nailbot growth from its first version into its current version. 

During the lunch break we had the opportunity to show the girls how Nailbot works and how easy and quick it is to print custom designs on their nails. The excitement and amazement on each of their faces when the print appeared on their nail was very inspiring to see. We had so much fun at Girl Scouts San Diego and we look forward to more opportunities in the future!