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The Ultimate Slumber Party ūüí§

The Ultimate Slumber Party ūüí§

Looking to throw the Ultimate Slumber Party or Girls Night In? A perfect Slumber Party must consist of pizza, snacks, a good rom-com, and of course all the self-care. What better way to indulge in self-care than a custom manicure with Nailbot - the nail art manicure! We have the perfect recipe below for how to create the Ultimate Slumber Party Manicure!




Begin by painting your nails with your desired polish. White-colored nail polish will give the best quality of nail prints, but any other light colored/pastel-colored polish will work. Apply 1-2 layers of polish depending on your preference. Make sure polish has fully dried.


Grab your Nailbot Primer. Give it a good shake, roll it between your palms, and pat it against your hand to break up any clumps and separation that may have occurred. If you notice any clumps on your nail brush after shaking, just wipe it off using a paper towel or alcohol wipe. Apply a thin, even layer of primer over your nail bed and wait 60 seconds for the primer to dry. The primer should dry to a chalky, matte finish. 


Make sure your Nailbot is plugged in and turned on. Open up the Nailbot app on your smartphone and follow the on-screen prompts to pair to the Nailbot. Scroll to the Preemadonna Gallery and open up the Slumber Party Collection. Choose your desired art print and begin to print on your nails. Tap the teal right arrow from the AR screen to further customize your design. If you are unhappy with a print or want to change up your nail, wipe off the design using an alcohol wipe. Reapply primer and reprint after the primer has dried.


Once you are happy with your prints and designs, lock in your art by applying a layer of top coat over your nail bed. If you used a color polish, apply two layers of Top Coat and the primer will disappear. Want to make your mani more fun? Apply a sparkle top coat or apply rhinestones to make your mani shine!


If you want to make Girls night even more fun you can print photos of your favorite RomCom crushes or your IRL crushes! Simply download a photo of them and upload it to the Nailbot app with the Make Section. Then print on you nails!

Make sure to tag us on Social Media (@preemadonna) so we can see your Slumber Party photos of your Mani!