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Vidhi - Our Computer Science Intern

Vidhi - Our Computer Science Intern

Hi Preemadonnas!

I am Vidhi, a rising high school junior from San Diego. Although I have grown up in San Diego, I have traveled to many places all around the world such as Hawaii, Mexico, and India. Traveling has given me the opportunity to connect with many people of different backgrounds and cultures, and I hope to see more of the world someday. I am always up for an adventure, or the chance to try or learn something new! My hobbies include playing field hockey, dancing, and photography. Playing sports from a young age has allowed me to not only grow as an athlete but also as a teammate and a friend. Taking pictures and dancing are some of the many ways I express myself through art. At school, I am a part of the Speech and Debate Club and the Girls in Computer Science club. Through these clubs, I have gained many new friends and skills. I also thoroughly enjoy volunteering in my community, as I believe that even the smallest impact can make a big difference in our world today.

Currently, I am a computer science intern at Preemadonna. I love getting to learn about new applications of software and work on new technology and coding projects, and my internship at Preemadonna allows me to do just this! As of now, I am working on a website called Nail the Code with the other computer science interns. Nail the Code allows you to code your own manicure. Through the website, you will be able to learn the basics of coding and get introduced to the Nailbot. I am very excited for the website to be unveiled, and cannot wait for all of you to get to use it.

I was introduced to Preemadonna through an event at school and I fell in love with the Nailbot and the company’s mission. I am super grateful to be able to contribute to a company that is encouraging young women to pursue careers in STEM. I am excited to work with Preemadonna because the company allows me to pursue my passions for computer science and art and combine them with hardware to build a real-world product. I love being in a creative space where I am challenged to learn and apply new ideas.