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William - Our Computer Science Intern

William - Our Computer Science Intern


Hello! My name is William Wu and I am a Junior at Del Norte High School. I originally lived in Portland Oregon before moving to San Diego in fourth grade. I am a computer science intern at Preemadonna! I am currently building the Nail the Code website that allows people to customize their nails and learn code at the same time! 

I really enjoy coding and cybersecurity. I am a national finalist in my school’s Cyberpatriot team. Our team is top in the nation! I also enjoy competing in other cybersecurity competitions such as Socal Cyber Cup, CCIC, Fifthdomain, Imaginary CTF, and many more. I’m even creating my own competition! I also love building websites. There is just something beautiful in connecting the front end and back end. Outside of cyber and coding, I enjoy playing games, watching youtube, and eating new stuff. I also like collecting Junior Ranger badges.

I joined Nailbot because I saw the potential to shrink the gap between the gender gap in involvement in technology. My school’s cyber patriot team advocates for women to get involved in the team. That has really stuck with me and I want to do my part. I hope Nail the Code will get more girls interested and involved with coding and technology in general.