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How to Perfectly Prime Your Nails

How to Perfectly Prime Your Nails

We ❤️ our Nailbot Primer. It is the magic to our Nailbot System. Each Nailbot System comes with a Canvas White Polish, two Nailbot Primers, and a Seal the Deal Top Coat, plus more. Read on to learn how to prime your nail like a Nailbot Pro.

  • Begin by vigorously shaking, tapping against your hand, and rolling your primer between your palms to combine any natural separation that occurs during non-use.
  • Separation is normal and to be expected when Nailbot Primer has been sitting unused. If you notice any goopy clumps on your brush, simply wipe it off with a provided alcohol wipe or a paper towel.
  • Apply one thin layer of primer on top of polish. Make sure to use even strokes and cover the whole nail bed. 
  • Wait 60 seconds for the primer to fully dry. Your nail will have a matte, white finish when primer is dry
  • If you apply primer over a press on or artificial nail, the primer may take longer to dry.
  • If a non-white polish was used, expect primer to dry a matte white on top of the colored polish. (Don't worry the primer disappears when a top coat is applied)
  • Once the primer is fully dry, you are ready to print using Nailbot.
  • If you print with Nailbot and are unhappy with how the print turned out, you can remove a print with an alcohol wipe. (We provide these in your Nailbot Kit!). Just swipe over the print until the print is removed. Then re-prime your nail with Nailbot Primer and you are ready to re-print.


      There ya have it! How to prime your nails like a Nailbot Pro. So, what collection are you going to print first?? Let us know in the comments! Make sure to tag us on social (@preemadonna) so we can see your Nailbot creativity!