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Nailbot can print on Press-Ons

Nailbot can print on Press-Ons

Nailbot can print on press on nails! You can have the best of both worlds. Press on nails with custom Nailbot art prints.  We recommend using white press on nails for the best quality of prints, but colored press on nails or even natural press on nails painted with nail polish works too! Keep reading for the perfect Nailbot Press on Mani!


  • Nailbot

  • Smart phone with the Nailbot App downloaded

  • Your Favorite Press On Nails (We recommend white or Light colored nails)

  • Any white or light-colored Nail Polish (If you use natural press on's)

  • Nailbot Primer

  • Long-Lasting Top Coat (Have you tried Nailbot Seal the Deal??)

  • Alcohol Wipes



  • Following the directions on your Press-On Nail Box, apply your press-ons to your nails.

  • If you used a natural press on nails, apply 1-2 layers of your choosen polish.


    • Open Primer and gently wipe off excess primer from the brush - Only a minimal amount of primer is needed on the nail for printing.

    • Apply one thin layer of primer over the nail bed, make sure to cover the whole nail

    • Primer will dry to a chalky white matte finish.

    • Primer should dry in about 2 minutes. - Primer takes longer to dry on Press-On Nails then natural nails.


      • Insert your finger into the Nailbot and rest on the Finger Cradle

      • Print your selected Nailbot design

      • If you are unhappy with your print, you can remove your design with an alcohol wipe, re-prime and re-print

        STEP 4: SEAL NAIL 

        • Apply one layer of top coat over the whole nail bed to lock in your print. (Apply two layers of top coat if a colored polish was used)

        • Your nails are now ready to be shown off!