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Nailbot meets San Diego Stem Startups!

Nailbot meets San Diego Stem Startups!

Our founder and CEO Pree Walia was invited by San Diego Stem Startups, a Del Norte High School Student-led club that encourages students to start their own businesses around STEM ideas, to speak on her experience in technology and entrepreneurship industry.

Pree and Dani made their way up to Del Norte High where they met Nitya, the founder, and Allison the VP of SD Stem Startups. Pree spent the next 45 minutes talking all about her experience in tech space, how she came up with the concept of Nailbot, challenges she faced and the most important things she has learned on her entrepreneurial journey.

Check our what a couple of the students had to say…

I learned a lot more about the entire process of product development. It helped me understand products on a deeper level then the faster paced scene that they show on Shark Tank. It was interesting to see how the speaker addressed her faults and mentioned how she improved her product to get people to actually invest in her.” - SD Stem Startup Student

I’ve always been interested in both the arts and STEM, so it felt like I constantly had to choose between one or the other. I really liked how the speaker focused on the beauty of creativity, so instead of choosing one or the other, you could have this combination of both.” - SD Stem Startup Student

Thanks for having us SD Stem Startups!